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Jeevesh Sabharwal

Jeevesh Sabharwal is the Founder & CEO of The Horizon Buildcon. He is a Business Administration graduate from Western International University, USA. He believes in his father, Naresh Sabharwal’s vision as a second generation entrepreneur and carries the legacy of meaningfully touching the lives of employees, creating values for customers and leaving a legacy of inspiration for the future generations.

He shoulders multifarious portfolios and handles family-owned group of companies in real estate, construction and trading. The Horizon Buildcon was conceptualized in the year 2006 as Jeevesh’s flagship company. Since then the company has been rendering its expertise in envisioning, building, and developing residential, commercial and affordable infrastructure. Expanding their presence in North India, the company has developed multiple real estate projects in the states of Delhi/NCR, Punjab, Jammu and Kashmir and Maharashtra (Nasik).

Jeevesh Sabharwal Has Suggested - Green Building Concept

I have been helping many corporates buildup their offices & residential places with the ideas crafted specifically with the artistic intelligence that my team always comes up with.


Sustainable design

It helps to prevent the unnecessary destruction of private lands and other open spaces. It encourages the need for higher density urban spaces. It not only focuses on using good materials but also helps to preserve the key environmental assets thereby preserving the natural ecological system.


Water conservation

It helps to preserve the natural water cycle as it follows the natural hydrological system. The major emphasis of water conservation in green buildings is groundwater recharging and on-site infiltration.


Energy Efficient

It helps to maximize the use of renewable energy and other low energy resources. It helps to save energy more than those buildings that are built from bricks. Green buildings normally depend on energy resources such as hydropower, wind power, and solar power.

Work With Jeevesh Sabharwal

The Horizon Buildcon (HB) are one of the prominent followers and promoters of Indian Green Building Council’s ideology. We have implemented the vision of green buildings and our focus is totally on sustainable architecture thereby preserving our ecosystem.

Green buildings are not only innovative in structural designs and concepts but they also ensure full profitability. We believe that the expansion and growth of our potential homebuyers have a large impact on our natural environment.

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